"Men of Wood"



May 3, 4, & 5, 2019


28th Annual Invitational Woody Tennis Championships®

begins May 3, 4, & 5, 2019

When: Friday, Saturday, Sunday, 

New Location:  JW Marriots

74-855 Country Club Drive Palm Desert California 92260 

Check in time; 12:30 - First Round 1:00pm

"Free Style Friday" post matches.

Entry fee: $225 entry , $60 adult guest. (Includes  dinner Saturday & T-shirt)

Greetings Competitors....

As always check with Mike Graham for golf.  Looks like Friday morning early is your best bet.  You can reach Mike at 949-357-6244 or by e-mail  [email protected]

Wood is Good, 

Granville & Steve

List of Competitors for May 3-5, 2019

1.  Jon Tyrell
2.  Tim Dorsey
3..  Alan Polley
4.  Sean Frost
5.  Ken Van Amringe
6.  Carlo Lombardelli
8.  Kevin Frazier
9.  Jim Settles
10. Granville Swope
11. Joe Kells
12.  Mike Graham
13. Wesley Upton
14. Grayson Frazier
15. Jack Horne
16. Ray Lee
17. Richard Groenewald

Woody Scoring

  • Players ranked and bisqued
  • Eight games per round Fifteen rounds per round      robin.
  • Top eight point earners paired through semi's          (eight game pro-set) & finals (best of three sets)
  • No breaker in the third set.

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